019 : Passive income through YouTube and Kindle with Brian Yang

Brian YangMost people think securing passive income is all about releasing a killer online product that generates a boatload of income and will continue to sell itself in perpetuity.

With this mindset, people will often sit around doing nothing, waiting for the “perfect idea” to strike. Or they’ll spend years tweaking their product, making small changes with every new article or tutorial they read, but never actually release the finished version.

But passive income isn’t about creating and releasing a perfect product that nets thousands of dollars. It’s about setting up lots of smaller imperfect products, testing the market, and perfecting the most effective income generators.

Once your goal become diversifying your offerings, instead is creating a perfect single product, you’ll start seeing the money start rolling in. And that money will only snowball larger as it’s reinvested.

My guest today is Brian Yang, an online entrepreneur and the most popular dance teacher for men on YouTube. He shares exactly how he built his YouTube business, as well as what he’s doing in the Kindle Marketplace.

Here’s what we chat about:

  • Finding opportunity in your competition’s shortcomings
  • The exact workflow people are using to make money with YouTube videos
  • Brian’s original setup for shooting videos (which you can probably do yourself right now)
  • How Brian knew exactly what to say in his dance videos
  • Why Brian waited so long before launching his website (and wasn’t worried about it)
  • Why you should be making information products
  • Information products aren’t really about information, they’re about time
  • Why Brian recently spent $2,000 on an online course, and is thrilled about it
  • How Brian has amassed over 600 Kindle books

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