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Here’s what people are saying about Novice No Longer and Dann Berg.

Taking Dann's class was one of the best purchases I've made in a long time...Dann really opened my eyes into the world of what needs to be done for apps.

Director of Operations, PixieBar

Dann gives exactly what he advertises, and more. He is patient and clear, and especially good at demystifying this process for beginners.


The Non-Programmer's Guide to Getting an App in the App Store is a solid 101 class that provides non-programmers what they need to know.

Internal Audit Professional

A great class with concrete work on our individual projects. You leave having done real work.

Chief Operating Officer of Lumina Fund Management

No tech background is needed, only the willingness to go all the way. Dann explains step by step the route, all the tricks and tools needed, and takes away the mystery.

Director at Dechert

It was a great class! Very helpful, very patient and he gave us tons of information and resources for other stuff as well, I was very pleased with his class.

Dann broke each step down really simply and effectively so the idea of creating an app doesn't have to feel so foreign.

Dann really breaks down the process of dreaming up, designing and developing an app...I thought it was great.

Senior Producer

The class was a great introduction for non-programmer interested in understanding how the app design and Apple Store process work.

Dann is very thorough and the class is well-organized...Highly recommend this class!

Dann was friendly and knowledgeable. His explanations where clear and precise. This is a great class to get your feet wet on UX design and general principles and approaches to working with mobile applications.

Senior Designer

This class is great for people who have an idea for an app, don't know how to program, and need help getting started.

Shir Consulting

Dann is a wonderful instructor and the class was entertaining and upbeat. He offered us several useful methods to develop new App ideas and to evolve them to fully functional income-generating Apps in the App Store.

Happiness Coach and TEDx Presenter

It almost felt like Dann anticipated most of the questions I had!...He shared his experiences and was very knowledgeable.

Features Editor

I would recommend anyone thinking of developing an app or website to take this class first before delving into anything on their own, it will save you tons of time and money.

Great class if you want to create an app but don't know how to start!

Marketing Programs Manager

Great class! Dann did a fantastic job of delivering exactly what his class title promises and pointing us to all of the resources we could need.

Project Manager

Fantastic. Dan does a great job balancing one on one help and advice with broader ideas and strategies. He made the app development process much clearer and provided resources and recommendations that would be hard to come across on your own.


The presentation was packed with useful information and very well organized...Dann was supportive and a good listener.

Very helpful for budding app developers to develop the perspective that app development isn't all about coding and is, in fact, the opposite. Very good discussions and very useful in helping the class "take a step back" to understand what really goes into app development.

Systems Integration Analyst

Dann was very helpful, articulate, and organized. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's interested.

Awesomely informative class for those interested in learning about apps starting from the most basic of steps to the more intricate parts. Dann was very knowledgeable and very eager to help, which as a student made me feel at ease. His enthusiasm was contagious which helped create a great learning environment!

Dann is very enthusiastic about the subject and willing to help you any way that he can. His classes provide a good way to establish basic knowledge on app development. I would recommend him highly.

Data Scientist

I recommend this to anyone who wants a 101 on getting an app in the store and using his well organized set of resources (and experience) to point you in the right direction.

Clear, practical class. If you're serious about creating an app, Dann will walk you through, share resources, and offer help afterwards. This class is an excellent investment.

Senior Web Producer

Dann was a personable and knowledgeable teacher who went through the steps himself many times! Some of the advice was very spot on. The class was interactive and lively.

Extremely helpful and even offered to help afterwards. Genuinely loves what he teaches.

Dann was fantastic. I really enjoyed his course and his very helpful suggestions. His seminar was very participatory and active, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to earn not only from Dann, but from the other participants as well.

Associate Editor

Dann was very very open to share his experience and provided a lot of good information. His presentation was very clear and easy to understand.

Senior Consultant

Dann is great at making you feel inspired and empowered. He makes the steps of app creation seem tangible and possible, and you leave the class with a clear idea of what it will take to bring your app idea to life.

Web Producer