010 : Getting Investor-Ready with Einas Ibrahim

Einas Ibrahim pictureDo you have an app or a business? Are you trying to find an investor? Do you really need an investor? Where can you even find an investor? What would you say to an interested investor? What’s the value of your company? How do you know the value of your company? What on earth are you doing with your life? 

Einas Ibrahim of Talem Advisory is here to lead you through the darkness. She was a developer before getting into finance and then finally taking on the startup world. She works with early stage ventures and small businesses, providing strategic and financial advisory and getting them investor-ready. Basically, she’s pretty amazing.

On this episode, we discuss how to turn a product into an actual business, as well as explore the world of angel investing and venture capital. If you’re wondering what ABC’s Shark Tank looks like in the real world, here it is.

Here’s what we chat about:

  • The difference between an app and a business
  • How do you know when you’re ready for an investor?
  • The difference between angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Personality or financials: which is more important?
  • Was it your idea, or was the market just too small?
  • What can a startup’s valuation tell you about the entrepreneurs?
  • How much equity should you give to investors?
  • Building relationships with investors using social media

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