Why massive web traffic is mostly worthless

The other day, I was browsing Reddit when I stumbled upon a question in r/blogging:


I got this! I got this! — I thought. I shared my story: how I managed to use my old personal blog to escape the retail world and get a staff writer job at Laptop Magazine.

I got a few upvotes out of it…but more importantly, there were a lot of great questions. One of the things I saw asked, time and time again, is how bloggers can get more traffic to their website.

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024 : Becoming a life-long learner with Scott Britton

Scott Britton Life-long LearnerI first met Scott Britton when I took his in-person Skillshare class titled “30+ Life Hacks to have more money, time, energy, and well-being.” Since then, he’s built himself an empire, building his blog Life-Long Learner into an amazing resource for people wanting to build the life they want.

On this week’s podcast, I talk to him about his journey, and about how he transitioned from business development into online marketing. This interview is full of actionable information.

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020 : Gotta keep hustling with Laura and Sara of DigitalFlash

Laura Sarah DigitalFlashHave you ever gone to an event and thought it was just “meh”? Maybe you signed up because of the awesome lineup of panelists, but the questions posed by the moderator were just boring and there wasn’t any opportunity to ask questions. Or maybe the food sucked and all you wanted was a drink.

Laura and Sara met at a networking event that just didn’t suit their tastes. But they didn’t let it bother them — they turned their experiences into opportunity. Both Sara and Laura knew that together, they could throw amazing events, and they did just that.

DigitalFlash grew out of a desire for the types of events that the cofounders wanted to attend, and people responded. In this podcast, the two co-founders share how their events grew and how they started creating digital experiences for larger companies. If you visited the Samsung booth at the 2014 SXSW, you were a part of their work.

These two women are the very definition of the word hustle — they even left a convention floor in Vegas to appear on this podcast! They never stop.

If you need some motivation to keep on keeping on, this is the episode for you.

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019 : Passive income through YouTube and Kindle with Brian Yang

Brian YangMost people think securing passive income is all about releasing a killer online product that generates a boatload of income and will continue to sell itself in perpetuity.

With this mindset, people will often sit around doing nothing, waiting for the “perfect idea” to strike. Or they’ll spend years tweaking their product, making small changes with every new article or tutorial they read, but never actually release the finished version.

But passive income isn’t about creating and releasing a perfect product that nets thousands of dollars. It’s about setting up lots of smaller imperfect products, testing the market, and perfecting the most effective income generators.

Once your goal become diversifying your offerings, instead is creating a perfect single product, you’ll start seeing the money start rolling in. And that money will only snowball larger as it’s reinvested.

My guest today is Brian Yang, an online entrepreneur and the most popular dance teacher for men on YouTube. He shares exactly how he built his YouTube business, as well as what he’s doing in the Kindle Marketplace.

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015 : Podcasting for business and pleasure with Steve Young

Steve YoungThe Novice No Longer Podcast is getting meta. This week’s guest is the talented Steve Young, post of the Mobile App Chat podcast. I’m so excited to have another podcaster on the show because we get to talk about one of my favorite topics ever: podcasting. Steve walks you through, step-by-step, how to create your own podcast. He’s got so many tips and tricks that I’m now completely changing around my podcast processing process!

He also talks about his new membership site, App Masters, which has a ton of great courses to help you build a business around your apps. We also talk about mastermind groups, which have been instrumental to Steve’s success. I’m now totally inspired to start my own.

This episode was just plain fun to record. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell.

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