022 : Why you should have started a blog yesterday

Dann Berg by Michael ShaneIn this week’s podcast episode, I share how I escaped the retail world and got into tech journalism. It’s all because of a little personal website I started. I also explain how you, too, can benefit from starting your own website — even if you don’t want to get int journalism — and how to do it.

This is a special edition of the podcast because there’s no guest, it’s just me! I ended up getting so much feedback and so many questions about last week’s podcast that I wanted to tell my story in more depth.

If you don’t yet have your own website, you need to listen to this episode. When you’re ready to get going, I’ve embedded the first tutorial in my video course.

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Here’s what I talk about:

  • How I got a job in tech journalism with only a retail work background
  • How my first website began as a vinyl sticker that just said “moist”
  • Why I used WordPress for my first blog, and why you should too
  • WordPress.com VS WordPress.org
  • SEO tricks that will help you get organic traffic for your content
  • How a post about my magnet implant got my a job in journalism
  • The story behind my first iPhone apps
  • What you do becomes your identity without you even realizing it
  • The difference between hosting and a domain name
  • What you should change for every single fresh WordPress install
  • The easy things you can do to vastly improve your website’s SEO
  • What you should write about on your blog, even if you’re not a writer

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3 Comments 022 : Why you should have started a blog yesterday

  1. Shanti

    Thank you! I love the internet – apparently your mom posted this on her facebook page and she is friends with one of my facebook friends who knows I wanted to start a blog so she passed it on to me… and it was PERFECT timing just when I had picked my domain name and was ready to go… now I have OmShantiBlog.com! I’m very excited – I’ve been collecting topics for a few weeks and have a list of 28 to choose from – so now I just have to figure out how to choose the best theme and get posting. 🙂 You say this is the “first” post in your video course – does that mean there is a video about how to choose a theme?? Do I need to buy a framework AND a theme? Or just a theme?? Thank you so much for posting this – it’s great and easy to follow and very helpful!

      1. Shanti

        Thank you for the course link! That is great – I now have several new videos to watch and next steps to take. I read your purpose – to create actual how to’s and content that isn’t just fluff but gives actual skills and you are fulfilling your purpose! Thanks!


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