When you know that you’re working towards something

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Someone recently asked me how I choose guests for the NNL podcast. It may seem like I’ve hosted quite an eclectic group of people, ranging from developers to CEOs to consultants to sex-tech innovators.

The question caught me off guard. I realized I was just using my gut to decide who to invite on the show. But I had never really thought about how my gut was deciding.

I think I’ve figured it out. Continue reading

The time I was almost drawn into a Futurama episode

Dann Berg's Futurama Head in a Jar Tattoo

What do you do when you cross a borderline unhealthy relationship with Futurama and  a free trial of LinkedIn premium?

You get inches away from being drawn into a Futurama episode.

My love affair with Futurama started long after the show was off the air (for the first time). I never really watched the show during the original six-season stint, even though I remember gathering around the living room TV to watch the premiere episode. Continue reading

Should you ask your investor to sign an NDA?

There’s a common question among first-time entrepreneurs: Should I ask [insert person here] to sign a Disclosure Agreement? These “idea people” think they have a highly profitable idea, and want to make sure it’s protected before talking to anyone.

When someone asks my opinion on whether they should present an NDA to a potential investor or mentor, I have one emphatic reply: No. No no no. No no no no no no no. NO.

I made a video to explain why. Continue reading