Your freelance developer won’t steal your idea

So you’ve worked out all the details of your app, created the wireframes, and you’re ready to find a freelance developer.

But you freeze up. What if your developer steals your idea?

Hell, you just did all that work, and now you’re just handing it over to someone who actually knows how to code.

But the chances of a developer stealing your idea are actually extremely slim. It just doesn’t make sense for a freelancer to steal your idea. Check out the video below to see why.

Here’s my video about the fear that freelance developers will steal your idea:

What are you experiences with outsourcing? Let me know in the comments below!

6 Comments Your freelance developer won’t steal your idea

    1. Dann

      Hey Willi!

      I’m actually not sure. It’s quite possible.

      With an app like that, it’s actually more of a hardware product with an app interface, if that makes any sense. I don’t know cars very well, but I believe you’d need to build the physical product that goes inside a car and attaches to the locking mechanism. Then, you’d have an app that communicates directly with that product, sending the command to Lock or Unlock.

      You’d also need a way for a smartphone to communicate with the product in the car, which means cloud connectivity. You can’t use Wi-Fi, since it’s a car and not a home accessory. Bluetooth has too short of a range to be useful. So you’d need to somehow connect with cellular networks or something.

      An app/product like that would be challenging, but certainly doable!

    1. Dann

      Some people prefer video, so I like to cater to everyone. All the content that I cover in video I also try to cover in text form too, that way the video haters can get the same value even if they skip the videos.

      That being said…I think video content is going to be a LOT more prevalent all over the web in the upcoming years. So be prepared for that.

      1. jaycooper859

        I’d just like to say thank you Dann for doing the video. I think it’s fantastic to have a video recap. Different people learn in different ways and videos are while text is great for SEO and quotes etc, video is great for having a ‘lean back’ experience and just listening to you tell us in the simplest and best way possible.

  1. EDO


    I was thinking the same about somebody stealing my idea and this video really calmed me down. It makes sense. But again if you think about the Facebook story, you know there is still a chance somebody can steal your idea.

    Anyway thanks for this article. Btw can you tell me that Croatian developers name. Where can I find him. I’m from Slovenia. Getting a dev from CRO would be great.



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