004 : Conquering the niche app and reaping the rewards with Massimo Biolcati

NNL PodcastSome entrepreneurs spend their entire lives trying to build the Next Big Thing, but there’s another much more successful group of business owners: lifestyle entrepreneurs. The best part about being in the latter group is that there is practically no luck involved, just skills that can be practiced and learned. Follow a fairly simple formula and you’ll find success.

On this weeks episode of the podcast, I talked to Massimo, the creator of iReal Pro, an amazing music app that helps musicians practice and prepare for gigs. Massimo has been absolutely killing it with his niche app since 2008, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down anytime soon.

I really respect Massimo because he had an idea for a useful app, taught himself how to code, and went on to build a product that absolutely dominates his niche. He shares his tactics for getting recurring revenue through in-app purchases, and why he has no fear of larger companies like Apple and Google.

If you want a reliable formula for creating income-generating apps, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Here’s what we chat about:

  • How inspiration struck for iReal Pro
  • How Massimo taught himself to code as an adult
  • Differences between learning to programming and learning to create apps
  • How new version of iOS impact programming and writing iOS apps
  • Why having multiple size screens is so challenging
  • How to create an app that’s guaranteed to make money
  • How Massimo makes computerized music sound like a real band
  • Why it’s so much harder to innovate for Android
  • Create a revolving cycle of premium features

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