Turning Emails into Press

Emails into Press book cover

My upcoming book, Turning Emails into Press: Getting and Keeping Journalists’ Attention exposes exactly how the press world works, showing you exactly what you need to do to get your product or service to stand out. I delve into the psychology of a journalist, which will help you highlight the most useful information about your product and greatly increase your email response rates.

The book is a product of both my personal experiences, as a staff writer for Laptop Magazine and the Reviews Editor at The Verge, as well as dozens of interviews with technology journalists. Each writer shares exactly what they’re thinking when they’re checking their email, and exactly what you need to do to catch their attention.

Why share this information with you? Because it helps everyone involved. Knowing how to craft a proper pitch doesn’t just help entrepreneurs get higher response rates. It also helps journalists manage their email inboxes and find winning products to cover. When a pitch is well written, a journalist can immediately know if it’s relevant, or can pass the information along to a coworker who covers that specific beat.

The full book covers:

  • Finding relevant publications
  • Researching specific authors
  • Using press about the competition to your advantage
  • What to include in a cold pitch email
  • Properly utilizing embargo dates
  • Elements of a successful pitch email
  • Using social networks to interact with journalists
  • Gaining favor with writers
  • How to avoid insulting journalists
  • And more

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