How to install a new WordPress theme

Can’t upload the new Wordpress theme you just downloaded or purchased? You may be running the wrong type of WordPress. In this post, I’ll explain the different ways to run a WordPress blog and then show you exactly how to upload a custom WordPress theme.

Three flavors of WordPress

There are three different flavors of WordPress:, Premium, and Here are the differences that are relevant to us: Premium
3rd Party Themes x
Free x x*
Hosted x x
Custom Domain x x

* requires a self-hosting plan, more on that later

Note that neither nor Premium allow users to upload their own themes. If you’re in your blog’s Dashboard and don’t see an upload link under Appearance, then you’re probably using’s free or Premium hosted option. You’re going to need to host the blog yourself if you want to use a custom theme.

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5 things to learn before starting a personal blog

I was browsing my blog archives the other day and realized that I was nearing my two year anniversary of starting this website. As of March 10th, 2012, will be two years old. I’ve got enough content to no longer feel like I’m just “faking it,” so to speak. It’s awesome. For anyone who doesn’t have a blog: start one. It’s extremely easy and it will teach you a lot about the internet and how it all works. Plus, you’ll have a place to post your thoughts and pictures that allows you to retain the rights—much better than turning those rights over to some social networking site.

Here are a five tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the past two years. Understand these and you’ll not only have your own blog but it’ll be better than most other websites out there.

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