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Ask a Developer on Novice No Longer

Do you have questions about building apps?

My goal with the Novice No Longer podcast is to help you build and launch better apps by talking to top app developers about their experiences. Each week, I spend about 45 minutes getting all of my questions answered, but the show is really all about you: the listener. My top priority is getting all of your questions answered.

In the near future, I’m going to launch a new segment to the podcast: Ask a Developer. Each week, my guest and I will tackle your toughest questions live on air.

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The goal of the Novice No Longer website and podcast is to help you get all your app development questions answered. That’s why I’m adding a new segment to the podcast where myself and top app developers help answer your biggest questions!

You can record your question below, and myself and a guest will provide an answer live on air!

Here are some guidelines for getting your question featured on the show:

  1. Please keep your question under one minute in length. Going over one minute won’t instantly disqualify you, but try to be concise and to-the-point.
  2. We’re welcome to plug your website or URL, but please only mention it once during the recording.
  3. Spammy, disrespectful, or deeply private questions will not be considered for the podcast.

All you need to record a question is an internet connection and a microphone. Just use the Speakpipe widget below!

Please note that we won’t be able to answer all questions on the air, but feel free to ask more than one!

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